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A mostrar mensagens de Setembro, 2017

The need to be perfect or right.

Last days I've been wondering about something, and that is about the need that people feel to be always right and to never admit that they failed. Worst, to never put themselves in silly situations. I get it, I do it too. And I need time to understand how stupid I am being for not giving me the opportunity to fail, to make mistakes and to be silly... actually, for not giving me the opportunity to learn! I realize lately, looking to my experiences, specially professional experiences, that I was afraid to say "I don't know that". And, although we can discuss all the reasons that made me afraid to assume it, none of them really matter. What really matters is that I was blocking my own growth and my own development. If I don't say "I don't know", people around me don't have the obligation to know that I need help and that I need them to explain to me, so they can just assume that I know and expect that I will do whatever I'm suppose to do right, …